PolComm Training and Development

Specialist training for police communicators

PolComm Training & Development (PCTD) was established in 2020 to ensure the continued provision of specialist residential courses aimed at informing and developing the potential of those working as communicators in the policing and criminal justice arenas. 

PCTD is continuing the long-established and highly successful courses hosted by Lincolnshire Police since the late 1980s where they had been established and operated for more than three decades by the now-retired Head of Corporate Communications, Tony Diggins.

PCTD operates its courses in association with APComm, the National Association of Police Communicators.

Residential Training courses

Full details of the courses currently on offer can be found in the 2024 Courses Flyer.

Our residential courses are held at Belton Woods Hotel in Grantham.

The course provides a forum for the communicator in the criminal justice system to develop their knowledge and experience in their specialism.

Delegates will:

  • Meet and participate in debate of issues affecting the police and release of information.
  • Learn about the law relating to the media, dealing with the media at major incidents and organising press conferences.
  • Participate in practical exercises relating to the release of information to the media and hear from press officers who have dealt with major incidents and how media strategies have been developed.
  • Learn from a series of critical incident case studies and the strategies adopted for dealing with the media including the use of social media in a policing environment.
  • Participate in broadcast media exercises to develop an awareness of what makes a good interviewee in both television and radio.
  • Learn about the current national policy relating to incidents of terrorism, the press officer role in the treatment of victims of major crime and their relatives, and good practice from professionals outside the police.
  • Receive information on ethics, media-related law and, in particular, contempt of court, data protection and human rights.

Who should attend? – recently appointed police communicators

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The course aims to provide a useful platform for examining the communications-related strategies adopted during a number of high-profile major incidents from across the country, a range of participative sessions including a whole day on the concept of developing a media strategy for a crisis.

There will also be a thread developing throughout the course to be considered in your allotted syndicates, which culminates in a challenge on the morning of the last day.

Who should attend? – a development course for police communicators and senior police officers

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‘This is a predominantly practical and participative course with delegates working in small groups and being led and challenged by the course directing team. Additionally there are up to five presentations from senior professionals in the field sharing their experiences relevant to the course.

Download the Internal Comms and Campaigns course brochure

Who should attend? – The course is aimed at individuals who are already specialising in internal communications and running campaigns or are likely to be asked to progress to those areas from their current roles.

For current costs please see 2024 Courses Flyer

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